buffet dinner + cruise + live show

Alexandra is a diner + cruise conceptual restaurant that offers daily dinner cruises in Dubai’s premium water canal - Dubai Marina.



Onboard Alexandra we serve a diverse menu which caters to the diverse clientele that we serve on a daily.



Onboard Alexandra we have 2 resident entertainment programs a female vocalist and a male tanura dancer.

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The Dubai Marina water canal is a renowned piece of architecture and a premium area for a dinner cruise.


We operate 2 very similar refurbished dhow boats in Dubai Marina, Alexandra I and Alexandra II.


An important part of any function is the entertainment!

We can offer you 3 excellent options to entertain your guests.

Live Vocalist

Who doesn’t love a beautiful female voice? Our lovely singers will add a little flavor to your dining experience with some pieces that you will surely recognize!

Tanura Dance

The tanura dance is a flurry of movement of light that is extremely visual and will definitely leave an impression for someone seeing it for the first time.


Everyone loves to see things they cannot understand. We all want to feel that inner child, and one of the few things that can do that is a craft illusionist.


Below is a sample menu which we use on our daily dinner cruise, however we have a

wide range of menu builders which will be shared to you along with a quotation.



There are quite a few components that go into a private event.

Put very simply, your cost is boat rental + catering + entertainment + extras

Entertainment & extras are optional.

all prices subject to 5% VAT

#1: boat rental

1500 AED/hour (non prime time hours)

2500 AED/hour (prime time hours)

prime time hours = 8.00 PM until 11.00 PM inclusive

#2: catering

starting from 65 AED/pp

includes waiters, table set up, all necessary equipment

full course buffet dinner, water, soft drinks, tea/coffee

#3: entertainment

female singer = 350 AED

tanura dance show = 350 AED

illusionist show = 700 AED

games for kids = 500 AED

team building games for adults = 1200 AED

#4: extras

2 way transfer (anywhere in Dubai) = 30 AED/pp

cake = 150 AED/kg

photography = 500 AED/hour

on table flower decorations = 150 AED/table

henna designer = 500 AED/hour


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Timur Khamitov

+971 50 7705321

bdm @ absea . ae

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the boat located?

The boat is located in West Bay, Dubai Marina - you can see the map location if you scroll down.

How much is the price per person?

Its not a simple answer because every event is different, we tailor make each event to fit the needs of the group.

The price depends on the duration, timing, type of menu, entertainment and extras. You can see the price section for an idea of each component.

For small groups, we can work out a semi private option that will fit in timing with our other groups and will be a more budget option.

Can we have our own catering?

Yes, however please note it needs to be a full catering provider that will provide all necessary equipment and staff, not just the food.

For any other questions please call or whatsapp Timur Khamitov, contacts listed above.


Please fill in the form and I will get back to you with a detailed proposal within 1 business day.



we have said everything about ourselves, but what is more important is what others say about us

we dont hide from our mistakes, all the review platforms below


Dubai is filled with a thriving community of a large mix of expats and companies which are constant need of a wide range of private parties – corporate dinners, weddings, engagements, conferences, birthdays & team building activities.

Its very difficult to organize a party that which will actually stand out and be enjoyed by all the attendees.

A lot of things need to come together for a succesful private party;

  • Right choice of party venue

  • Right choice of catering & menu

  • Right choice of entertainment

  • Right logistics & timing


When people look for a party venue, most think of a ‘party hall’ or a ‘party hall in a restaurant’.

The reality is, most party halls are enormous and although well suited for large parties, they are quite boring for small ones and also unaffordable.

A few years ago we started working on private events with Alexandra and have gotten some excellent feedback on the private events which we have ran, which were tailor fitted to the event.

Since the beginning, we have had more than 50 private events of the widest catergories – weddingsengagement partiescorporate eventsbirthday parties for adultsbirthday parties for kids & team building activities.

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As mentioned above the very first and arguably the most important component of any private event or private party is the event.

The venue needs to:

  1. Accomodate the right number of people

  2. Thematically fit the overall mood of the party

  3. Be comfortable

Alexandra is a very unique venue for a small to mid size event of a maximum of 100 guests.

The venue is unique in a couple of ways:

  1. It moves

  2. It has both an A/C ‘hall’ and an open air area in one ‘venue’

  3. The boat is unique, made from teak wood and decorated interior.

  4. Entire venue is wired for clear audio

    1. Live entertainment, vocals, dance

    2. Wireleess microphone for speaking

  5. Male and Female washroom onboard

  6. Buffet tables on upper and lower decks

Alexandra thus combines within itself a lot of characteristics that make it fit for any kind of event.