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    Team Building Events & Activities

    TeamBuilding Activities

    At first thought, hosting a conference onboard a traditional wooden Dhow isn’t the most obvious choice, but actually – its a great one.

    Over the last couple of months we have had some fantastic events onboard ‘Alexandra’ that were thoroughly enjoyed by all parties. We have hosted companies such as Lukoil, Atlantis, HSBC Bank, Etisalat and many other notable UAE based organisations that have been extremely happy with our service.

    Custom Program

    Every party is different, just like every organisation and even every person is different, thus we tailor make the entire plan for every organisation to fit exactly their needs, their culture & nature of the organisation.

    Dinner or Lunch Option

    Having a meal together before or after the team building activities is a great bonding experience and something that most guests would expect. Having this cruise on a moving boat adds to the ambience and feel of the event, make it not so mundane and boring.


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    TeamBuilding Activities in Dubai

    Team Building Activities in Dubai onboard Alexandra Dhow Cruise

    The way that we always run team building activities is to first create teams within the overall team, and create bonding within the smaller team, which ultimately will result to overall better coordination.

    Game Option #1: Two Truths & One Lie

    The objective of this game is for everybody to right down 2 truths and 1 lie on a piece of paper which gets placed into the teams ‘basket‘.

    The games then begin and its upto the opposing team to discuss and decide which of the facts about the team members is true and which are false.

    Every correct guess earns 1 point and every wrong guess earns nothing.

    Game Option #2: Building Burj Khalifa

    This game is more of a practical exerice and the objective of the game is for each team to build the tallest solid structure, using just the provided materials: pasta & marshmallows.

    The team that builds the tallest unsupported structure wins.

    Game Option #3: Navigating a Mine Field

    The objective of this game is to navigate through a ‘mine field’. One person from the team gets selected to pass through a mine field with blind folds, i.e: an area scattered with objects with only his team to verbally guide him.

    The team that passes most of its members through effectively wins.

    Game Option #4: Who wants to be a star?

    After the performance of our in house performers – Natalia & Waleed, we will give a chance to our guests to see who is the best entertainer.

    This last game option is a surprise.