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Top Rated Daily Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina
with International Buffet & Live Entertainment.

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Price & Timing.

Kids Birthday Party Venue in Dubai

Option 1: Sharing Cruise

You will join our Daily Dinner Cruise with other guests onboard.
Recommended for small parties below 20-25 people.

  • Price

  • 10+ people = 150 AED/ad & 90 AED/ch
  • 25+ people = 130 AED/ad & 80 AED/ch
  • 50+ people = 110 AED/ad & 70 AED/ch
  • Timing

  • 8.30pm – 9.00pm boarding time
  • 9.00pm – 11.00pm cruising time
  • Operating daily
  • Optional Extas

  • Birthday Decoration = 100 AED/6 person table
  • 150 AED/kg = birthday cake
  • 2 way transfers = 30 AED/person
  • Inclusions

  • 2 hour cruising
  • Buffet Dinner, Soft Drinks
  • Live Female Singer & Male Tanura Dancer

Option 2: Private Cruise

You will have the entire boat to yourself, at anytime
Recommended for larger parties above 30 people.

  • Boat Rental

  • 1500 AED/hour
    non prime time hours, anytime except 8-11pm
  • 2500 AED/hour
    prime time hours 8-11pm
  • Discounts possible for cruising longer than 3 hours
  • 2 way transfer = 30 AED/person
  • Catering

  • 65 AED/person = 4* catering
  • 95 AED/person = 5* catering
  • Includes table set up, waiters, soft drinks & full course buffet
  • 2 way transfer = 30 AED/person
  • Decorations

  • Basic Birthday Decorations = 500 AED/deck
  • Birthday Cake = 150 AED/kg
  • Photography = 400 AED/hour
    40 digital copies and 3 prints per hour
  • 2 way transfer = 30 AED/person
  • Entertainment

  • Magic Show = 750 AED
  • Games Organizing = 500 AED
  • Facepainter = 500 AED
  • Clown = 500 AED


Business Development – Timur

  • For groups, private events or b2b enquiries.

  • +971 50 77 05 321

  • bdm{at}


West Bay A11, Dubai Marina, Dubai

Driving Directions

Google Maps

If you are driving to the boat, use ‘Masjid Al Rahim’ (click for map) Mosque in Dubai Marina as a reference.

Another nearby landmark is ‘Lotus Hotel & Spa’ in Dubai Marina.

If you are taking a TAXI you can tell the same Masjid Al Rahim mosque as reference, make sure to clarify its next to Lotus Hotel & Spa.

Driving Directions

  • You should take Sheikh Zayed Road Until ‘EXIT 29’ and stick to the left fork once you are taking the Exit.
  • After you have taken the left road on the fork and once you are on the bridge, you need to take the first right.
  • As you follow the road you will see the mosque on your left side.


Option 1: All along the roads in that area is street parking owned by RTA. Make sure you pay the fee by SMS.

Option 2: Incase you cannot find RTA parking, there is a paid parking lot called ‘Green Parking’, located just after the Choitram supermarket, slightly down the road from Lotus Hotel & Spa.

Walking To The Boat

  • Usually infront of the boat we have a Team Member, Anjoh (052 899 6337) who meets guests and guides them towards the boat.
  • Once infront of the mosque, to the left of it there is a path/walk way which leads down to the ‘Marina Promenade’ which is basically the pedesetrian path along the water.
  • Once you have walked down the pathway, walk to your right, there is a glassdoor entrance.
  • At the entrance, specify you are going to “Alexandra” and you will be guided to the boat.


Sailing Route

We sail through the entire Dubai Marina Canal and the lagoon infront of Palm Island.

We do not go out to open sea.

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Alexandra is a 90 foot traditional Dhow made from teak wood, refurbished into a floating restaurant.

Upper Deck

Open Air Deck, Seating Capacity ~ 55 people


Onboard “Alexandra” we have two live acts – a singer and dancer.


The ‘tanura’ dance show is a folk dance program which consists of constant rotations that are mixed with various patterns and designs of the intricately designed dress.


Our lovely singer Natalia starts of the evening with some soft music in the style of pop, rock, jazz and even some classical pieces.


Ashik is a game host and magician – he has a real talent for intrigue and showmanship which he uses to add spice to any private function.

Please note below is the menu for the ‘sharing’ option mentioned above. For private option we will provide a menu builder depending on whether you want the 4 or 5 star option.

Kids Birthday Party Venues in Dubai

Kids Birthday Party in Dubai

All parents love their kids and all kids have birthdays.

Every parent wants to give their child a special gift on their birthday and make their birthday memorable. An event that they will really enjoy and not forget.

Organizing a kids birthday party in Dubai requires a lot of planning and many factors need to come together well in order for it to be truly a success.

Kids Birthday Party Venues in Dubai

The first element of a successful birthday is selecting the venue.

Alexandra is an excellent choice for a birthday party venue – it is perfectly suited for a kids birthday party.

The venue has a lower air conditioned deck that is completed sealed off, and an open air upper deck.

The upper deck is open air and during the winter months being outdoors is a great atmosphere.

The boat has plenty of space for children to run around and has lots of capacity for organizing games.

The venue also has a sound system which can be used to connect with a wireless microphone and result in a great overall experience.

Kids Party Dubai

Finally, no kids party can be complete without live entertainment!

We can provide a full range of activities for a perfect and unforgettable birthday event.

Magic Show:

The first component of an effective birthday is the magic show! Its great to have a sense of mysticism and awe instilled in the kids from a young age. Entertainment mixed with mystery is a priceless combo.

Game Organization:

Children want to play, and we let them!

We organize a wide range of games for them which are engaging and fun, with a host and all necessary props.

Face painting:

All kids love to get their faces dirty, and what better way to do this than to be artistic about it!

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