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    DhowCruise Dubai Marina

    ‘Alexandra’ is a 90 Foot Traditional ‘Dhow’ that has been refurbished into a Floating Restaurant which operates Daily Dinner Cruises in Dubai Marina.

    Daily Cruise Timing

    20:15 – 20:45 Boarding Time
    20:45 – 22:45 Cruising Time


    Adults (12+ years old): 160 AED
    Children (6-12 years old): 100 AED
    Infants (below 6): Free
    2 way Transfer: 30 AED/person (optional)


    International Buffet Dinner, Soft Drinks, Tea, Coffee, 2 Hour Cruising Time & Live Entertainment

    Private Events

    The restaurant is available for a variety of group or private events such as Birthday Parties, Weddings/Engagements, Team Building Events and Conferences.


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    web {at}

    +971 52 899 63 01 (Phone + Whatsapp)

    Reservation Agent: Anastasiia


    LiveTanura Dance



    OpenAir Upper Deck

    AirConditioned Lower Deck


    Starters & Salads


    Main Course




    Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

    What is a Dhow?

    A “Dhow” is a traditional wooden vessel that is common in the Middle East and has been used historically for a variety of purposes, primarily for trading.

    Dhows are made in a variety of sizes and in the UAE have been most used for trade between UAE and Iran aswell as for pearl diving.

    Over the last decade the demand for dhows has gone down and has been replaced by more modern vessels.

    Nonetheless, Dhows have played a cruicial role in the history and evolution of the gulf and are iconic as a mode of sea transportation.

    In the last couple of decades, a lot of the ‘Dhows’ have been repurposed for tourism purposes, one of them being dhow cruise dinners.

    A Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is a nice concept. Read on.

    The History of Dhow Cruise Dubai Dinners

    In the 90’s, some entrepreneurs began converting the larger dhows that were traditionally used for trading into refurbished floating restaurants that would operate dinner cruises in the Dubai Creek.

    That segment has grown and over many years has evolved into a rather important and iconic type of tourist attraction in Dubai.

    Starting with only handful of Dhows in early 90’s the segment has grown into over 30 dhows in the Creek and 8 in Dubai Marina.

    One the elements of the Dhow Cruise ‘culture’ has been to have live entertainment onboard in a variety of forms.

    Originally, belly dancing was most common, but with time, Dubai Government has been eliminating this form of entertainment and has now been almost entirely replaced by ‘Tanura’ – a traditionally Turksih dance that is usually performed by a male dancer that is spinning in a flowing and elaborately decorated dress, creating a very interesting sight.

    Dinner onboard a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

    As always, with the opening of Dubai Marina as a new area and tourist destination, there was room for starting new business ventures.

    Alexandra was one of the first boats that began its operations as far back as 2009.

    Now there are around 8 boats that operate in Dubai Marina.