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Kids Birthday Party in Dubai

Alexandra is an award winning floating restaurant operating in Dubai Marina since 2008.

Alexandra is a perfect venue for a unique kids birthday party.

upper deck

the upper deck is a great space with great views and the feeling of being outdoor on a boat, while having the benefits of being comfortably seated in a restaurant environment.
the upper deck has its own buffet setup and own audio system that can be different from the lower deck.

lower deck

the lower deck is climate controlled and its optimal during the warmer, or in fact the cooler months. It is air conditioned and has full height panoramic windows.

This deck is perfect for semi-private events with a tight budget for 25-45 people.

our packages + menus

Private Boat

#1: Boat rental charge


#2: Catering


All extras such as live entertainment, decorations and special requests will be quoted individually.

Semi-private (lower deck)

#1: Lower deck rental charge

This option is perfect for smaller groups of 25-45 guests. If you are less than 25 guests, the best option is a sharing dinner cruise.

You will be joining our regular cruise hours and have the lower deck of the boat exclusively, with other guests on the upper deck.


#2: Catering


sailing route + timings

private events

semi-private events

request a quotation

If you have a question, please review the FAQ section below – and if did not get an answer kindly whatsapp me.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Example #1: Private Event

Lets say you want to have a fully private event from 8-10pm, with 75 guests and a the bronze menu.

  • Boat rental: 2500/hour x 2 hours = 5000 AED
  • Catering: 65/per person x 75 people = 4875 AED
  • Total = 9875 AED

Note: decorations, entertainment & any drinks packages to be discussed seperately. For duration of 3 or more hours we will provide discounts.

Example #2: Semi-private

Lets say you want to have a semi-private event for 35 guests, during our normal dinner cruise time.

  • Lower deck rental: 2000 AED
  • Catering: 65/pp x 35 people = 2275 AED
  • Total = 4275 AED

Yes you can, although we dont recommend this.

Many people are under the impression that catering = food, but besides the food, there is a lot involved

  • Waiters
  • Table setup
  • Cuttlery/crockery
  • Buffet setup
  • Food delivery (special truck + equipment)

So if you plan to have your own catering, you will need to find a caterer that will be able to provide all of the above.

Yes, we can make a completely custom menu for your party.

If you go for a private function, there is no restriction on timings since you are paying per hour.

The prime time hours (8-11pm) are more expensive because they conflict with our daily dinner cruise.

For semi-private events, you will be joining our dinner cruise and so have to follow the timing of it:

  • 8.30 – 9.00 pm boarding time
  • 9.00 – 10.45 pm cruising

We have a licensed bar onboard and drinks can be bought for an extra charge if you would like them. We can also work out an alcohol package for your event on request.

You can find us on google maps as ‘Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

You can reach us by car, or the metro – this involves an approximately 20 minute walk.

Entertainment is also a tricky component since any live performance in Dubai requires a permit.

We can offer you 3 forms of entertainment

  • Live female singer
  • Live tanura dancer
  • Magic show

Any other entertainers will need to be discussed seperately and will cost more.



All parents love their kids and all kids have birthdays.

Every parent wants to give their child a special gift on their birthday and make their birthday memorable. An event that they will really enjoy and not forget.

Organizing a kids birthday party in Dubai requires a lot of planning and many factors need to come together well in order for it to be truly a success.

The first element of a successful birthday is selecting the venue.

Alexandra is an excellent choice for a birthday party venue – it is perfectly suited for a kids birthday party.

The venue has a lower air conditioned deck that is completed sealed off, and an open air upper deck.

The upper deck is open air and during the winter months being outdoors is a great atmosphere.

The boat has plenty of space for children to run around and has lots of capacity for organizing games.

The venue also has a sound system which can be used to connect with a wireless microphone and result in a great overall experience.


Finally, no kids party can be complete without live entertainment!

We can provide a full range of activities for a perfect and unforgettable birthday event.

Magic Show:

The first component of an effective birthday is the magic show! Its great to have a sense of mysticism and awe instilled in the kids from a young age. Entertainment mixed with mystery is a priceless combo.

Game Organization:

Children want to play, and we let them!

We organize a wide range of games for them which are engaging and fun, with a host and all necessary props.

Face painting:

All kids love to get their faces dirty, and what better way to do this than to be artistic about it!

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