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Alexandra is an award winning floating restaurant that has been operating in Dubai Marina since 2008 with a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor.

Our team is committed to a focus on customer service and constant improvement of our product.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Due to the current COVID pandemic, we are taking some measures to ensure the safety of our guests.

They are listed below:

  1. All staff & guests undergo temperature checks
  2. All food served in a disposable personal containers.
  3. Tables arranged with maximum distance.
  4. Staff in masks at all times.

Before 31st September 2020 we are operating a sunset cruise 18.00 – 20.00 and only on weekends (Friday + Saturday)

From 1st October 2020 we are operating the dinner cruise (20.30 – 22.45), on daily basis.

We have a licensed bar onboard and drinks can be bought for an extra charge.

You can find us on google maps as ‘Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

You can reach us by car, or the metro – this involves an approximately 20 minute walk.

We do not accept bookings for specific tables and operate on a first come first serve basis.

If you wish to have an upper deck table you should arrive early.

Both decks are equally good, every table has a window view and the lower deck has fully panoramic windows, so the view is the same on both decks.

Before 31st September 2020 we will not have any entertainment. From 1st October onwards we will have daily live entertainment.

The live entertainment is either a female singer, a male tanura dancer or both.



You might be wondering, what is a Dhow Cruise, and what is Dubai marina and what do they have in common?

‘Dhow’ is a traditional Arabic vessel that has been used in the region in recent history as a fishing, transportation and pearl diving based vessel.

In recent times, many Dhows have been refurbished into ‘floating restaurants’, i.e: vessels that have seating capacity that take onboard guests for Cruises, usually with an Buffet Style dinner and some form of live show.

Dubai Marina is a new area in Dubai, an ultra modern area with lots of apartments, restaurants, yachts, boats and a generally great vibe.

Thus a Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina is a dinner cruise onboard a Dhow Vessel with a Live show and International Buffet Dinner.


Over the years it has become a culture of its own, and now the Dhow Cruise Dinner has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Its a perfect combination of both a cruising and a dining experience which allows visitors to both get a unique view of the city sky-line from the water as well as to have dinner and enjoy an entertainment program aswell.


Dinner Cruises in Dubai Marina have quickly become a part of the norm and now are part of the standard Things to Do in Dubai.

Initially Dinner Cruises have been operated exclusively in the Creek, but with the opening of Dubai Marina, this tradition quickly transferred over to this part of town.


Onboard Alexandra, we offer a rather extensive International Buffet Dinner with 5 salads, 7 main course dishes, a seafood soup and 4 dessert options.

We serve a small appetizer onboard for the guests upon arrival, until the boat pushes off and the buffet is opened.

We also have onboard a live program consisting of a ‘Tanura’ dancer, originally a dervish traditional dance that is extremely colourful and interesting to watch. It is essentially a man dressed in a very elaborate dress with lights that spins for approximately 15 minutes, creating a wide array of patterns and twirls with his skirting lights.

Its rather hard to describe in words, and must be seen.


Well, the only other alternative to a dinner cruise onboard a Dhow is a ‘House Boat’, an ultra modern, square shaped boat that is essentially a house on water. There is definitely some advantages to this form of dinner cruise, however it does not have the charm of the traditional lifestyle that is local to the UAE.

The Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina provides a very existential and philosophical contrast between the new and old. A traditional wooden boat that has been used for decades in an area that looks like its from the future.


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